about Our Products

our cut and convenient packaging sets our products apart

Our products are sold in convenient 10 and 20 lb compressed bales as well as 10 , 25, and 50 lb boxes.  We can also provide 1000 lb large bales. Check them all out on the SHOP Page

white knit

Cotton knit cut primarily from T-shirt type material.
Low lent, good for color sensitive jobs Won't bleed with solvents or cleaners. Typical uses are painting, staining, machinery work, general maintenance, janitorial. Used fabrics are more absorbent than new fabrics

color knit

Cotton and cotton blends cut primarily from T-shirt type material. Lower lent, good for
multi-purpose cleaning for water, grease, oil. Used fabrics are more absorbent than new fabrics.

color fleece

Cotton-Polyester blends cut primarily from sweat-shirt type materials with sides of two different textures. More absorbent than knits.
Good for spills and heavy jobs


Cotton and high cotton content blends cut from flannel shirts, PJ's, bedding.
Typically used for greases, oils,
general shop, mechanical, and machinery work

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other fabrics available upon request, call for information and pricing

possible order sizes

We can supply order sizes from one box or  bale to multiple pallets


We can arrange shipping via UPS or other carriers. Products may also be picked up at our warehouse. Website Bulk Pallet load shipping price is for Houston-Metro area. Contact us for delivery outside of this area.


We provide convenient packaging  to fit customer needs as shown below. If you don’t see your preferred packaging option for the product that you want, let us know.